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2 weeks ago

Moss Adams Business Consultants: Public Company Audits

Independent perspective for your audit committee—whether you’re preparing an IPO or maintaining your compliance.


Moss Adams is the independent auditor of record for public companies across industries—including entities with market capitalizations exceeding $3 billion as well as those working to register their equity and debt securities with the SEC.

Our dedicated partners and professionals are well qualified to address the full spectrum of your accounting and regulatory reporting requirements, and five of them have completed two-year terms as SEC Professional Accounting Fellows in Washington, DC. This direct involvement with the SEC and relevant committees—namely, the SEC Regulations Committee and Center for Audit Quality committees—provide us with extensive insight that we’ll put to direct use when we conduct your audit.

As your independent auditors, we’ll work directly with your audit committee and management team to develop a detailed and efficient audit plan that will provide an objective and independent perspective in an increasingly complex regulatory environment. To do this, we assemble an integrated audit team made up of accountants, corporate finance professionals, tax advisors, technology consultants, and professionals fluent in your industry, drawing on their individual expertise so we can deliver an audit solution that’s tailored to your organization and its particular needs.

With offices throughout the Western United States and support from Praxity AISBL, our international alliance of independent accounting firms, we’re equipped to handle your multistate and international business needs with ease. And the breadth of services we provide to public companies means we’ll be able to step in quickly and effectively to help your organization in other ways, including:

•    Private debt and equity offerings
•    Mergers and acquisitions
•    Valuations
•    Reorganizations
•    Consolidations
•    Leveraged capitalizations
•    Divestitures and disposals
•    Management buyouts
•    Leveraged buyouts
•    Corporate governance consulting
•    Outsourced internal audits

Moss Adams is registered with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB), which oversees audit services provided by CPA firms to SEC issuers and broker-dealers. Read our most recent PCAOB inspection report.

Contact us today to learn more about our public company assurance services or arrange a complimentary consultation.

3 weeks ago

Pacific Associates Limited Minato-ku Tokyo Japan: Our Business

About Pacific Associates Limited

The business methodology of Pacific Associates Limited is quite simple. We conduct face-to-face consultations with each candidate and then introduce excellent companies with the best matched positions to these talented candidates. We value our candidates and client companies and this attitude naturally leads to the best conclusions.

PAL is always in favor of talented candidates as these relationships are one of the greatest assets of the company. We know that our job can have a great impact on the lives of many people. Although client companies are also important to us, candidates with special skills, expertise and great personalities are rare in this industry. We do not just pick candidates from our contact list, we carefully choose them, fully utilizing our expertise and extensive experience in the recruiting business. We value and focus on our candidates and at the end of the day are successful in placing highly qualified professionals to our valued client companies.

PAL strongly believes that the consulting is the most important step in the recruiting business more so than any other recruiting company. We handle each and every case with sincerity and care. We are willing to takes months to foster trust with candidates, always staying in close contact, because we know that we are helping people to make one of the biggest decisions of their lives.

Not many Japanese business people are accustomed to job change, and usually they need good advice about how to find new positions and which positions can advance their career. We are determined to make every effort to support our candidates and bring about changes for the better.

About Clients

90% are foreign-capitalized companies

90% of our clients are capitalized either in the United States, Europe, India, or China. The remaining 10% are Japanese companies with good spirits of entrepreneurship. We have more than 100 clients including small business firms and large-scale enterprises with thousands of employees in pharmaceutical, technology and many other industries. They are all engaging our services to find highly-motivated personnel who want to continuously develop their skills and make great contributions to their employers.

Our service is focused on mid-carrier recruiting. We introduce candidates from their twenties to sixties to positions such as managers, doctors, regional executives, sales reps and engineers. Although not many female workers change their jobs for career improvement, approximately one third of our successful engagements involve mid-carrier recruiting of female candidates. We take pride in making contributions to the career improvement of female workers.

Besides the pharmaceutical and technology industries, we welcome candidates active in financial, bookkeeping, accounting, human resources and legal industries. With excellent achievements in your business field, you have a good chance of finding rewarding positions through PAL regardless of your industry.

1 month ago

Fraud Labs Pro: How to Automatically Reject the High Risks Order?

Fraud Labs Pro Fraud Detection – Sometimes you may want to automatically reject the orders that, based on your previous experiences, tend to be fraudulent orders. This could save your precious time by removing the number of orders that you need to review.

1.       Login to the FraudLabs Pro Merchant Control Panel.

2.       Click on the Rules menu.

3.       Add the rule that you are confident will flag a fraudulent order based on your experiences. For example, Credit Card BIN not exist in our record.

4.       Select the Reject action.

5.       Click on the Save button.

FraudLabs Pro helps merchants to protect their online stores from malicious fraudsters. It screens all orders transacted using credit cards, PayPal, and so on for online frauds (also known as payment frauds or CNP frauds). As a result, it increases e-commerce merchant profits by reducing chargeback, improving operation efficiency and increasing revenue. Merchants can investigate all complex, high-risk orders in a simple way by using merchant administrative interface.

7 months ago

Specializes in Head and Neck Surgical Oncology by Richard Isaacs MD

The head and the neck are two body parts we rarely give so much thought to; ironically it seems, for the mind finds its home right at the top of the first which, in turn, is supported by the second. Obviously, it is only when we feel pain on these parts that we think of them as ever providing us vital functions without which we would not exist at all or, at least, lead normal lives.


The neck bones and the skull which are connected to each other provide the structure for the two organs to function and to interrelate. Aside from providing support, the neck contains vital parts which allow us to breathe, use language, to sing, to ingest food, to rotate the head and to allow passage for electrical energy and biochemical substances which complete the entire bodily system necessary for human life.


As well, the head contains the brain and all the basic senses we utilize to function as intelligent living beings. Except for the heart and lungs which provide essential functions for the brain to function well, the brain can be said to be the prime motor which allows the whole body to accomplish all that it was designed to do fundamentally or achieve potentially. Intellectual genius and athletic prowess would not at all be possible without the brain, supported by all other faculties and organs, doing a big part of the work.


Together, the head and neck form a formidable pair which often requires serious medical attention because of damage or diseases.  Some of the more or less serious conditions which beset this pair which require surgery are the following:


1. Tumors or cancers

2. Benign and malignant disease of the thyroid

3. Benign masses of the head and neck



The following procedures are taken to address the above and other conditions as well:


1. Anterior and Lateral Skull Base surgery

2. Diagnosis of head and neck cancers through endoscopy and laryngeal videostroboscopy

3. Use of laser resection of head and neck malignancies

4. Treatment of all head and neck skin cancers, such as carcinoma and melanoma

5. Microvascular Free-Tissue Transfer Reconstruction

6. Medical and Surgical Treatment of Thyroid and Parathyroid masses/disorders


Dr. Isaacs possesses broad experience and know-how in handling these medical conditions. He has Advanced Certification in Head and Neck Oncologic Surgery, making him one of the best practitioners available for patients suffering the said problems. When it is about the head and neck, leave it to Dr. Rich to think and worry about as he has a way of helping your needs with professional medical care. At the least, he will take much of the burden of thinking how to resolve your problem medically. That can certainly remove a lot of pressure and worry from your own mind to begin with.

8 months ago

Mossack Fonseca Careers

Mossack Fonseca Careers

Our worldwide offices embrace and encourage an international community of professionals. Our daily work with clients from more than 105 countries allows us to understand the meaning of a multicultural workspace.


We have a reputation of efficiency and great service that we pride ourselves on. We are driven to be the best in a job that must be diligently executed every day. A good reputation is not given; it is earned in the work place every day.


The world is not short of good ideas, but of people who are willing to make them real. The opportunity to create and lead has shown great success amongst our staff. Not only do we feel the desire to take leadership, we give them the tools and liberty to do so.


We actively seek individuals that want to add value and succeed. Our group favors aspiring leaders who want to work with the very best in a positive atmosphere where healthy competition is promoted.

If you are interested in becoming part of the team please submit your curriculum below. Thank you for your interest in Mossack Fonseca.

9 months ago

Facts you need to know about orthopedics by Howard Marans MD

Are you familiar with Nicolas Andry? Arthroscopy? Or Prosthesis? Perhaps most of you aren’t. Those are some of the basic terms in orthopedics, and if you’re going to finish this article, you’ll be able to obtain a bountiful of knowledge about this particular field of medicine.

Let’s begin with Nicolas Andry. He played a major role in the early history of orthopedics. He was the first one to introduce the word ‘orthopedia’ in 1741, in his book Orthopaedia, or the art of preventing and correcting deformities in children. The terminology Nicolas used were derived from two Greek words; orthos, meaning straight and pais, meaning child.


Great developments were seen in this specific branch of medicine and after a long period of time, orthopedics is not only about children.

Orthopedics focuses on the diseases and injuries of the bones or muscles. If a bone is broken, it would develop new growth in order to correct the fracture and fill in any areas from which bone is removed, since bone is a living and functioning part of the body.

For that reason, a bone that’s deformed from birth can be operated, cut, braced, or treated to generate a normal form. If a broken bone is held in alignment, it will heal without any physical deformity.



Even in the prehistoric ages, humans have had to deal with broken or deformed bones. It’s evident in the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics that people wrapped and braced a limb in order to heal normally.

Wars are common during those times and it happened on a much larger scale. The soldiers also used more competent weapons. This result in fractures and other bone injuries to become more prevalent.

Interestingly, advances in orthopedics made a great uproar in the field of medicine as surgeons shortly invented simple prosthesis to replace limbs that were amputated because of a grave wound.


Orthopedists in the earlier times were very committed in their field. It’s no doubt that their legacy remained into our modern orthopedists. Birth defects such as scoliosis and clubfoot have also been the main concern of the former orthopedists. But it doesn’t stop there, those physicians also included within their specialty the dislocations, fractures, and trauma to the spine and skeleton. Orthopedics had been a physical specialty for several years.

After manipulating bones and joints to restore alignment, orthopedists including Dr. Howard Marans will apply casts or braces to maintain its structure while waiting for it to heal. While the fracture heals on its own, the patient is advised to be more comfortable as possible to avoid further injuries. However, in some cases, the healing process was incomplete and affect the patient with a lifetime handicap that can make walking or bending difficult.

1 year ago

Meir Ezra Blog, FROM DEBT TO WEALTH & Money Mastery Course

Meir Ezra Blog, FROM DEBT TO WEALTH & Money Mastery Course

Meir Ezra

These are the mistakes that rich people don’t make!

And you shouldn’t either.

FROM DEBT TO WEALTH & Money Mastery Course - Guaranteed Prosperity

So, I am sure you noticed that working hard doesn’t cut it… Working long hours, hoping, trying, giving up, etc. None of that brings income!

As you know, the business is supposed to give you money, yet, many people give money to the business. The weird part is that they think this is normal….

It is interesting to notice that, even if you increase your income, magically, the expenses somehow rise at least at the same rate - and somehow you don’t end up with more money!

Your debt is connected to your income in a mysterious and insidious way. Regardless of your revenue, you somehow have the same bottom line.


The easiest subject to make mistakes in is money. And money related mistakes are the most painful mistakes.

A long study has found that there are 7,239 ways (so far) to incorrectly handle money…

People have amazing and creative ways to invent more ways to mishandle money. Even when they somehow create more money than usual, people find ways to waste more money than usual…

Almost every week I hear a “new bright idea” relating to money that will ensure the person will lose his hard earned money….

On the other hand, there are 7 correct ways to handle money - resulting in a lot of money in your pocket.

You need to know the common mistakes in financial planning and money. You also need to know that correct ways – it can’t be one or the other…


Common mistakes bring about common problems:

• Increased revenue causing increased debt.

• Your accountant tells you the company is doing well but yet you can’t pay your bills.

• The more you work the less you end up having.

• You are just not sure what to do so you just do random actions.

• And debt keeps increasing…

You are desperate…


To succeed in anything, you need knowledge. You need correct knowledge, applicable knowledge and you need to really understand the knowledge.

To have money, you need knowledge. You need to KNOW how to manage your finances and how to create money.

The issue is that no one teaches you how to manage your finances and how to create money! I am sure you did not learn this at school, college or any university.

FROM DEBT TO WEALTH & Money Mastery Course - Guaranteed Prosperity

So, what is the handling?

Well, I have put together a special course containing all the knowledge you need to know to totally control your finances and money!



Who should attend?

• Those who manage to make money and manage to lose it fast.

• Those who manage to make money but somehow cannot make more.

• Those who don’t have money in direct ratio to their abilities.

• Those who are in debt and aren’t sure how to handle it.

• Those who are sick and tired of living without money – a lot of money.

• Those who don’t have a bank account only designed to save pure profits.


FROM DEBT TO WEALTH & Money Mastery Course - Guaranteed Prosperity

The reason you have a business (or should have a business) is not:

to work harder,

or to just say you have a business,

or anything else other than:

to help other people with your unique products or services

and get, in return, financial and spiritual freedom.


What will you learn?

• The 7 tools you need to apply in order to correctly manage your finances.

• The biggest mistake you make when spending money.

• What money actually is and how it relates to your spiritual condition (and that is more important than all    the work you will ever do).

• The way to create money without money.

• The method for setting aside white money for black days.

• How to catch up on all your debt, create a surplus and stay alive.

• How to apply the above within 24 hours!

1 year ago

Meir Ezra: Learning, Ethics & Money (LEM)

This is one of the most powerful seminars you will ever experience - not only due to the extremely rich and powerful content, but because in this seminar you will ensure you can learn anything within any subject PERFECTLY – GUARANTEED!


Have you ever excitedly started to learn a subject only to find yourself completely quitting it soon after beginning? Have certain subjects “scared” you away from learning them, i.e. “Jeeze I’ll never get myself to learn what the heck my lawyer is talking about!”


Well in this seminar, you will find out why this happens and how to ensure it never happens to you (or your colleagues and friends) again. You will find out how to study any subject with ease… You will actually realize that you cannot know anything if you don’t know it fully or perfectly.


For example: you cannot know 75% of flying an airplane - as 75% will be taking off, flying but not landing! You can see the absurdity of not knowing something perfectly. You either know it or you don’t know it - and after this seminar you will know how to learn anything to perfect results.


Furthermore, by the end of this course you will become stable as a being and you will trust yourself.


In this seminar


You will uncover the reason why you limit your ability to HAVE. This includes things such as fulfilling relationships, a career you enjoy, or money in the bank. There is also a correlation between the amount of money you have and your ability to communicate - and this seminar will reveal to you this crucial connection!


You will find out that your problems have nothing to do with what has happened to you, but everything to do with what you have done. While this may be hard to grasp, you know instinctively that it is true.


The seminar will prove it and this seminar will give you the tools to take full responsibility for what you have done and so open the doors of success for YOU Meir Ezra.


Most people, most businesses, are failing to achieve their dreams. It seems like this universe has been constructed to have only a few people really succeed. By the end of this seminar, you will find WHY and HOW to handle this situation and become one of those “few special selected” people.


And like in all our seminars – you will get rid of tons of false data and you will know that the only limiting factors in your life are untruths and that the truth is truly freeing.


Get ready for a brand new life!

1 year ago

Asaba Group Holdings: Victor Edozien In NASDAQ Closing Bell Event

Victor Edozien In NASDAQ Closing Bell Event on Behalf of Successful United States Middle Market Companies



NEW YORK, NY - Victor Edozien, CEO of SET Enterprises Inc, a portfolio company of Asaba Group Holdings, rang the NASDAQ closing bell today, a rare honor for and first for any of the Asaba Group Holding companies.


Kenneth Beck, the Chief Executive Officer of CEO Connection had requested Edozien and few other Mid-Market CEOs, who are all members of CEO Connection, to participate in this honorable event to highlight the importance of mid-market companies like SET Enterprises to the U.S. economy with respect to innovation, employment growth and wealth creation. SET Enterprises has been innovative and growing and is a significant value added manufacturer in the automotive industry. CEO Connection is highlighting the importance of the middle market and its role as a major contributor to economic growth. Middle markets are companies with $100 million to $3 billion in revenue and they invited Edozien to showcase the growth of the Asaba Group Holdings’ steady expansion in the last few years and its target to be at $1 billion in revenue within the decade.


About Victor Edozien


Victor Edozien is the Founder and Managing Partner of The Asaba Group, Inc. - a strategy consulting/private equity holding company. A veteran of the US Army, Edozien has over 15 years of experience in strategy development & planning, revenue growth, acquisitions and business improvement.


In addition, he has been in principal investing since 2004 primarily in manufacturing and consumer goods sectors. He currently leads two portfolio automotive businesses: AG Manufacturing ( and SET Enterprises, Inc. ( which has manufacturing locations in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Alabama. He is an Executive Director at Cintron World Inc. ( a premium branded beverage manufacturer. His three portfolio companies have combined annual revenues of approximately $500 million annually. Edozien’s holds a BS in Electrical Engineering, BA Geology with Mathematics, MS in Engineering, and a MBA in Finance & Operations Management. He is currently a Wharton Fellow at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and is a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), and CEO Connection.


About CEO Connection


Designed to facilitate peer relationships, CEO Connection is the only membership organization in the world focused exclusively on mid-market CEOs. It connects thousands of mid-market CEOs with each other and to people, information and resources to which they would otherwise not have access. Members are C-level executives with responsibility for all or significant portions of their respective company. It represents a wide variety of businesses across a broad geographic spectrum. The average size of the companies members run is $1.8 billion in annual revenue and 7,600 employees. Inspired by C-level Wharton executives, CEO Connection began in 2005 and has evolved into a dynamic community with wide-ranging benefits uniquely designed to help the mid-market CEO and champion the mid-market perspective. It is all about CEOs helping CEOs


About NASDAQ OMX Group


NASDAW OMZ is a leading provider of trading, exchange technology, information and public company services across six continents. Through its diverse portfolio of solutions, NASDAQ OMX enables customers to plan, optimize and execute their business vision with confidence, using proven technologies that provide transparency and insight for navigating today’s global capital markets. As the creator of the world’s first electronic stock market, its technology powers more than 70 marketplaces in 50 countries, and 1 in 10 of the world’s securities transactions. NASDAQ OMX is home to more than 3,300 listed companies with a market value of over $8 trillion.